Tribute piece written by Maria Brea-Spahn, the eldest of Julio Brea Franco’s childen. This was read in a tribute ceremony held at Bok Tower Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida. Bok Tower was always one of Julio’s favorite places to be.

‘Silence is a form of dialogue’

‘The marvelous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering…. ‘

‘Joy is a necessity and a choice’

‘A good book (or a 100 or 3000) IS/are perfect company and as such, they require careful cataloguing and relocation several times a year within your home’

‘See a goal, see me soar’

‘Psychological age has nothing to do with chronological age’

‘Self-discipline and productivity are synonymous’

‘Give the happy, the sour, and the unknown your very best face’

‘Bread, in every color, is an essential food group’

‘Curiosity is the major artery feeding an elegant mind’

‘Don’t rush, savor each moment’

‘Suspenders can have a come-back in fashion’

‘A cup of coffee is the outcome of a magical science experiment’

‘You can never have too many white t-shirts, or blue ones, or yellow ones…’

‘The work of a researcher is never done because one who searchers is one who is passionately in love with learning’

‘Computers, hard-drives, and little boxes that can be used for storage are essentials in life’

‘Stand, act, advocate, and scream in honor of your ethical values and beliefs’

‘Deep conversation is an invitation to reveal oneself to oneself’

‘Your children can be your friends, just take the time to savor, accept, and love them unconditionally’

‘Your grandchildren are mirrors that reflect a new you’

‘Your wife is more than your wife, she is a twin of your soul, the one who fills the bottle of your essence when this one is depleted, the one who walks not in front, nor behind, but alongside of you wherever the path may lead’

‘Family is family regardless of the space, or time, or place in which its constituents find themselves’